There is no going around it: the world is continuously changing at a rapid pace. An agile organization is a flexible organization, one that easily adjusts to the ever-changing wishes of the customer. You can recognize, measure and encourage agility of your teams and company. How? That is what our Agile workshop is for!

How do you get your organization or team to work agile? That is the focus of this Agile workshop. We will explore what agile is and how you can recognize, measure and encourage agility. We will present examples from the field, and have you experience agility for yourself in games and activities. Finally, by involving your own organization, you will understand what working Agile can do for your company.

After this workshop you understand working Agile, you know how you can recognize, measure and encourage agility. Having practiced with all agile aspects, you will understand and appreciate the value of working Agile and you walk away with the skills to execute projects the agile way.

Ideal for:
(Team) managers, organization improvers, consultants and executives, outside of the IT domain, with the power to implement changes in their organizations. Specific experience is not required. Curiosity and an open mind to new ways of working is a prerequisite though!

After this 4 hour workshop you:
– understand the workings of an Agile organization
– know how working Agile can add value to your company and customers
– recognize, measure and encourage agility
– are ready to plan your swift switch towards working Agile

Upcoming dates
– August 22nd 2018

New York, NY


Certified by Scrum Company

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