Our In-company trainings are a customized and interactive exchange of knowledge and practical Scrum training. Familiarizing ourselves with different case studies to understand the challenges in your field, we apply Scrum to actual cases from your organization. The subject matter, intensity and duration of the training are tailored to the organization’s needs.

Introduction to Scrum
In the half-day introduction workshop, participants get an understanding of the principles of Scrum, they learn in which projects Scrum can be effectively employed and which prerequisites a project needs to meet in order to be able to apply Scrum. Upon completion, participants know what Scrum can do for their organization.

In addition, in our one- or two-day trainings participants further explore the core values of Scrum while mastering best practices to apply Scrum in their own organization. Upon completion, they have the skill-set it takes to start working with Scrum. An additional two-day practical assignment is optional. Participants can earn a proof of aptitude upon request.

Organizations increasingly choose to have the proper skill set in-house to apply Scrum to their daily practices. To serve those we train and certify Scrum Masters on the job. We provide one-on-one coaching during a real-life assignment where participants learn all skills needed to implement Scrum right off the bat.

Certified by Scrum Company

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