The Elvis retrospective is most suited to development teams (in the broadest sense of the word) as not all elements might apply equally to run teams or groups that simply have to coordinate their separate efforts. The team should have been working together for a while for all elements to work.


  • Sticky notes
  • Markers/sharpies
  • A (rather bad) drawing of Elvis.



Always on my mind: What is, — or should be — top of mind?
A little less conversation: What are we always talking about but do we not take enough action on. What needs, a little more action?
Now or never: What needs action right now or should be dropped?
Blue suede shoes: What should we not step on? Where should we be extra careful?
Return to sender: What (or who) is interfering with our work (and should be pushed back)?
Devil in disguise: What danger are we currently missing?

How to rock the Elvis Retrospective

  1. Invite the team to participate in the retrospective.
  2. Explain all elements of the retrospective to the team.
  3. Ask the participants to write their notes for each area.
  4. Discuss each area with the team and identify key issues.
  5. Discuss what actions you will take to address these issues and assign them.

Originally published in Dutch at on December 8, 2017.

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