Business leaders today say their key concern is responding to change faster. Working Agile enables them and their organizations to do so. With less time spent on meetings, less documentation, direct adjustment to market insights, faster time-to-market, higher customer satisfaction and higher employee engagement.

Google, Amazon, Spotify, Barclays — they all went Agile.

To become Agile, an organization enacts change on 3 levels. The difference between these levels is scale at which you introduce a new way of working. The easiest is to start with a project, the most ambitious change is all across the enterprise:

  1. Accelerating projects using Scrum
  2. Accelerating full departments (e.g. HR, Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Engineering)
  3. Transforming the whole organization (Scaling Agile with >10 Agile teams)

In this short pitch presentation, we share how we make a difference on these 3 levels, with services like training, agile coaching and consultancy:

Organize Agile on Three Levels

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